Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dadu Moro Link Road – Field Report

Updates of 20th August 2010

When we reached the area of Dadu-Moro road, where the breach was made earlier by the floods, we saw tents which were erected to block the access to that road and personnel of Sindh Police and Army were deployed and were allowing only restricted entry of few people. There were chairs and table under one tent shelter and higher rank army men responsible for the jurisdiction of the area were sitting there and monitoring the situation on ground. We went there and after a brief introduction had a detailed discussion on damages being made and threats looming over the surrounding area. We saw the machinery being used to re-strengthen the Bachao Band and people settled over it. There were army and navy boats for emergency situations and army men were deployed all along the Bachao Band.

We were told that the displaced people have been settled (1) in relief camps in and around Moro (2) with their relatives living near the affacted area and (3) on the Bachao Band. While #1 and #2 being served by government of Pakistan and relatives accordingly, #3 were served by the Pakistan Army and Jatoi sahab. They were providing them 2 times food, water, shelter and medical services. As per the army man briefing us on the situation on ground, Jatoi sahab’s people were addressing the pressing needs of the people and were also helping army men in the re-strengthening effort of the Bachao Band.

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