Saturday, August 21, 2010

Naushahro Feroze – Ghausia Petrol Pump, Mehrabpur – Field Report

Updates of 20th August 2010
While travelling on super highway from Halani to Hingorcha in Naushahro Feroz District, we observed a concentration of displaced people at the Ghausia Petrol Pump, near Mahrabpur. We took U-turn and come back to the place to see who these people are and what they are doing here? we saw a young man, belonging to a local trusted NGO was sitting on a charpoy, surrounded by few of those displaced people, was busy in creating list of people as part of their registration process. I inquired from him about the people and got following information from him:
  • Approximately 700 – 800 people
  • Belongs to Jacobabad
  • Reached this place some 3 days ago
  • The NGO provides them lunch meal
  • Mukhtiarkar of Mehrabpur provides them dinner meal
  • The NGO also providing medical services to these people
  • Drinking water is available via local water lines infrastructure
  • Plan to transfer them to Karachi Relief Camps soon

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