What Are We Doing?

As we all know about the sort of damage that has been done in Pakistan due to Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years, more then 2000 people have died, and an estimated 4.5 – 5.5 million people are affected. Currently, we cannot stop the flood to cause damage but we can strive for the babies, women, children, men, old people and prevent them from dying with hunger and diseases.

The magnitude of Flood disaster is 15-20% more than the IDP's disaster as most of the persons who have survived are bare handed and bare footed with their worn clothes remained with them as their ONLY asset. There is an urgent need of the these items for these victims and for this we have decided to extend a helping hand for the affected people out there just like we did for earthquake's affected IDPs.

We would be on our way to reach these people by 16th of August 2010 insha'Allah (God willing) and would be using the available network / local resources to access the affected areas to assess the immediate needs and disbursing out whatever we could for them. All of the purchasing of required stuff and disbursement would be done by ourselves personally.

Kindly do remember in prayers and if you want to deliver your contribution for them please do share ASAP so that we may plan accordingly. Ramazan ul Mubarak is close, a lot of people schedule Zakat payments in these days, believe me, this is the best possible way to utilize our Zakat and Khairat payments. I humbly request you to donate as much as you see proper for the cause. Your generosity will help the needy.

If we want to do something for PAKISTAN, let’s ACT NOW! and circulate the word in your circle as well to enhance your contribution