Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lakki Shah Saddar and Sehwan – Helping hand during Rehabilitation

Updates of 19th August 2010
We had a pointer earlier that there’s an urgent requirement in Lakki Shah Saddar and Sehwan, as there are almost thousand people waiting for help from government and NGOs. Preparations were made on urgent basis to dispatch a team to these places. We depart from Karachi @ 7:00 am on 19th of August 2010 and reach Sehwan @ 11:30 pm on the same day. We met our local collaborators and had a detailed briefing of the situation on ground. We were quite shocked initially, and later were pleased, to know that the pointer we got earlier was not real and there’s no emergency situation at all in and around Sehwan.
Displaced people were settled in the (1) Relief camps (2) Safe places close to their original homes (3) Area, where there relatives were living and (4) high altitude areas in near by mountains. We were told that there were no casualties in the area due to floods. We spent all the day in visiting different parts of the city and suburbs to verify what we were briefed earlier in the day. We gathered following stats regarding the affected people living in the camps setup by district government:
  1. Sehwan Degree College – 50 families ~ 300 people
  2. Mono Technical College – 27 families ~ 150 people
  3. Government Primary School – 50 families ~ 430 people
  4. Government Girls High School – 50 families ~ 400 people
  5. Government Girls Primary School – 30 families ~ 250 people
  6. Makrani Mola Girls Primary School – 15 families ~ 100 people
  7. Tajar Government Boys School – 20 families ~ 100 people
  8. Government High School Sehwan – 30 families ~ 300 people
During our travelling all along the city and suburbs we discussed several aspects of the calamity and the critical times people are going through. We also discussed the challenges these people might face when they will come back to their areas only to find their devastated agricultural lands and their severely damaged homes. At that time they will need support from us and only at that time they will find themselves alone, government and NGOs all gone from the scene and flood crisis being the haunted memory of the past. They need our support at that time of rehabilitation and we must respond to that call.
You must be thinking that it might be an uphill task to commit for any rehabilitation work but before you move further in that direction let me clarify that they do not expect from us to support or fund them in building their homes or making their agriculture lands re-plough-able. All they expect from us that we should supply them following basic necessities so they can focus on their rehabilitation efforts.
  1. 3kg rice
  2. 2kg lentils
  3. 1kg tea
  4. 2kg milk powder
  5. 3kg sugar
  6. Salt and Spices
  7. Soap and Surf

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