Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khairpur – Kick Starting a Project of 1000 Kitchen Sets

Updates of 22nd August 2010

Early in the morning, we analyze our yesterdays information and after a thorough discussion, we come up with following different packages:

All these packages are for a family of 5 adults (2 children = 1 adult) and for a week of 7 days.

Food Package:

  1. Wheat flour – 20kg
  2. Pulses (Mutter) – 1kg
  3. Pulses (Chana) – 0.5kg
  4. Tea – 200gm
  5. Sugar – 1kg
  6. Salt – 0.5kg
  7. Red Chilli Powder – 125gm
  8. Ghee – 1kg
  9. Rice – 1kg
  10. Match – 2 packets

Utensils Package:

  1. Steel Cooking Pot (can cook 1.5kg rice at max, can hold 5 liters of water, 500 – 700 gm of weight) – 1
  2. Steel Cooking Spoon (16 - 18 inch) – 1
  3. Tawwa (Medium to Large, 1100 – 1700 gm of weight) – 1
  4. Steel Glass (approx. 350ml) – 1
  5. Thaal (16 inch, 350gm of weight) – 1

Health & Hygiene Package:

  1. Koh e Noor Haari Washing Soap – 4
  2. Life Buoy Bath Soap – 2
  3. Mosquito Coil (Medium) – 1 Packet (10 Coils)

Once we have finalized list of packages, we went to SRSO Hub Office in Khairpur to discuss with them on areas where we can pitch in and lend them a helping hand and also to get feedback from them on the list of items which we have prepared. During discussion with them, it became quite evident that Kitchen Sets are on priority, though they also wanted us to provide ration other than wheat flour and ghee, because currently they were distributing only wheat flour and cooking oil and hence a variety in ration package is much of a demand from people. They also underline the need of medical camps, health and hygiene kits and shelters.

We came back to our base camp at Sukkur to do one final review of requirements and our budgetary allocation. We agree to kick start a project of 1000 Kitchen Sets ASAP. We informed SRSO about this decision and went straight to Shahi Bazar to place order. It was finalized that the items will be packaged and made available to us latest by the end of next day i.e. 23rd of August 2010. For tomorrow, we decided to go along with assessment teams with an additional assessment option “whether the family being assessed have Kitchen Utensils or not?”

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