Monday, August 16, 2010

Karachi – Addressing urgent needs of Flood Victims

Based on our initial work plan, we created day before yesterday, we supplied following items to the flood victims yesterday morning:
  1. Plastic Tirpal – 2 yards x 110 yards – 2 Rolls
  2. 2 Large Drums for water storage having capacity of 1000 liters each
  3. 3 large cooking pots, 2 roti tawa, 3 dozen plates, half dozen glasses and other crockery items
  4. 40kg wood for cooking
  5. Clothes for women
  6. Ration (Flour, Rice, Lentils, Spices, Oil, Sugar, Milk Powder, Tea, etc.)
They still need following items:
  1. Clothes for men, women, children (3 years to 10 years) and infants. (Please donate new or used)
  2. Footwear as well. (Please donate new or used)
  3. Pillows/bed sheets/mats/rugs (Please donate new or used)
  4. Crockery and cooking utensils (Will arrange 3 large cooking pots and plates. Please donate new or used)
Click here to view a slideshow of pictures taken


  1. In addition to that a few persons were taken to GODHRA MUSLIM MEDICAL CENTER for immediate medical aid. One of the girl, aging around 7-years, was immediately shifted to ICU due to exhaustive dehydration and now is in better condition. Another kid and old guys was provided medical assistance as per need later on.

  2. How to donate clothes and footwear etc? Where should these items be sent?

  3. @Anonymous Please contact on +923218707783 for further assistance.