Friday, August 27, 2010

Khairpur – Transported remaining 2 trucks, on field Assessment and Departure

Updates of 25th of August 2010

Remaining two trucks carrying Kitchen Sets and Washing & Bath Soaps were unloaded in the district office of SRSO. We went with one of the assessment team instead of distribution teams today because former ones leave early and later ones leave late and we had to depart for Karachi in the evening. Once we came back from the assessment field, we pack up and check out to leave for Karachi. We will be followed by another team from Karachi in a couple of days time insha’Allah. In the mean while we have instructed the SRSO to continue their assessment and distribution of Kitchen Sets and Washing & Bath Soaps to needy families. We will get daily updates from them and our second team will join them to work on future projects very soon.

Images will be posted soon.

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