Friday, August 20, 2010

Serving Kohlu District

Updates of 18 & 19 August 2010

After sehri at about 6am in the morning we left for Baluchistan, Kohlu district which is approximately 170 km away from our previous location and took us around 4 hours to drive there. Land sliding caused the major delay in reaching there. There were several Killis (villages) that were damaged during the past couple of weeks immensely. Major damage was caused by heavy rains flowing down from Koh-e-Suleman. In there several small villages comprising of 400 families (consisting of 5 persons on the average) we decided to provide food in terms of uncooked items which were needed such as flour, daal, sugar, ghee/cooking oil and bags of tea.

The families were residing in:
  • Girls school ~ 93 families
  • Killi Sardar Rasheed ~ 104 families
  • Killi Miandad ~ 24 families
  • Killi Faiz Muhammad ~ 119 families
  • Killi Mir Bahar ~ 60 families
Items that were provided specifically are:
  1. 400 bags of 20 kg of Flour
  2. 425 bags of 1 kg Daal
  3. 435 bags of 1 kg Sugar
  4. 304 packets of 1 kg ghee/cooking oil
  5. 450 bags of tea weighing 100 grams

Most of the purchasing was done from the Utility Stores but due to shortage of items some purchasing was also done from local shops. Let me highlight one thing here: a bag which cost us Rs. 380 at the utility store was available in the local market/shop for Rs. 520, I won’t go ahead to comment anything further on it and leave the rest upto the readers.

On the whole 18th August (Wednesday) was consumed in needs assessment and the next day 19th August (Thursday) was spent in the disbursement of the above mentioned items on the basis of having lists of persons and families appropriately.