Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khairpur – Follow up and gathering required information

Updates of 21st of August 2010

Based on our working a day earlier, we went to Shahi Bazar near Clock Tower, the main market of Sukkur (some 40 – 50 km from Khairpur). We roam around and visit several whole salers and retailers to inquire about the quality, prices and availability of following items:

  1. Wheat flour
  2. Pulses (Mutter)
  3. Pulses (Channa)
  4. Tea
  5. Sugar
  6. Salt
  7. Red Chilli Powder
  8. Ghee
  9. Matches
  10. Rice
  11. Hard Plastic Jerry Cans
  12. Hard Plastic Lota
  13. Steel Cooking Pots
  14. Steel Serving Dish (Thaal)
  15. Tawwa
  16. Steel Cooking Spoon
  17. Steel Glass
  18. Washing Soap
  19. Bath Soap
  20. Mosquito Coils
  21. Female Sanitary Pads
  22. Diapers/Pampers
  23. Water Purifying Tablets
  24. Baby/Rational Powder
  25. Dettol

Once we collected all necessary information, we left to book a room in a near by rest house or hotel. We searched almost every street of Sukkur but all of the rest houses and hotels were booked completely and we wasted almost 3 to 4 hours from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, fuel and energy searching for a suitable room. Later we came to know that several tv channel network crews, international and local NGOs have booked rooms in and around Sukkur and which is why we were facing such a situation. Thanks to SRSO that they helped us getting a room, though a very expensive one which shook our personal budgetary allocations, but at that time we can’t resist ourselves from having one.

When we checked in our room, we planned to work on the preparation of packages but we were too tired by now and it was almost 10:00 pm and we hadn’t had a dinner yet, so we decided to do that tomorrow and finally called it a day.

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