Monday, August 30, 2010

Dera Ghazi Khan – Fazilpur serving Details

Updates of 21st August 2010:

As indicated in the earlier post for the thread relevant to our activities in Dera Ghazi Khan; after our return from Kohlu, Baluchistan we confirmed that registration related work is almost done for the Faazilpur city with the help of recently established network of locals so we decided to extend our stay in Punjab so to carry up this task. With the help of available listings, we conducted a sort of door to door assessment phase for the people that were scattered @ various locations including a road side workshop, a primary school, cotton ginning factory, a relief camp setup by Qatar charity and some other places. After confirmation of the listings we sorted out around 200 families for the disbursement of dry food and eventually distributed the following stuff:

180 bags of 10 kg of Flour (Flour is short in these areas due to roads cutoff)
200 bags of 1 kg Daal Chanaa
200 bags of 1 kg Daal Moong
200 bags of 1 kg Sugar
200 packets of 1 kg Ghee
200 bags of Tea weighing 100 grams
200 packets of Salt

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