Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Donate clothes (New & used)

We desperately need clothes for men, women and children (infants as well). Please do not provide Pent/Shirt/T-Shirt since the affected people are not used to wear these therefore will go in waste.

We request if possible please wrap the cloth in a newspaper or shopper and mention Man/Women/Child (with age) so that we can distribute the items quickly and correctly to the deserving. Otherwise we will filter it out ourselves - no issues!

One consignment will be going to Sukkar towards the weekend therefore please contact us if you want to donate anything by accessing any of the persons of the team here!

Collection is going on in Karachi only for the time being!


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  2. 1. navaid i can only send you mostly shirts/pants.. let me know if you need them.

    2. my friend here have a home in sukkur. let me know if he can be any help to you guys on your trip.

    3. there are few ppl joining as a group from uk and KSA.. in a week or 2 in karachi.. planning to goto thatta for any possible help.. i will give them ur cell no so if you can guide them for better location and list of items they should be carrying with them.

    Farhan (KSA)

  3. The right information on how to go about it! Unfortunately, if many of us don't know how to donate we don't donate at all! Just follow this guide and start donating all those clothes that you no longer wear.