Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fazilpur -- A Heart touching Experience

Updates of 23th August 2010

While working in Sind, a phone call of a friend who was a part of our Faazilpur network was received from Dera Ghazi Khan; he shared a heart touching experience of selflessness that boosts our confidence on our nation a lot............

In Fazilpur, we served 17 families that were resident in a workshop at the roadside in much troubled conditions; as per our local sources they belong to white color families who used to maintain high integrity. Due to these unfortunate circumstances they become dependable on others. We served them silently with 17 Ration packages and returned back. What we heard afterwards was that they picked those packages and went back to their flooded village that was still surrounded by water and a couple of their fellow villagers were stranded there; they distributed their complete ration to these stranded persons by saying as this place is still surrounded by water so there is more need of this stuff here and they returned empty handed inspite of the fact that they themselves were in a severe need at that time.

By hearing this all; my faith in our nation was strengthened up more, with these sort of people around we would face such catastrophies of life smoothly Inshallah

Pakistan Zindabad


  1. long live Pakistan!

    “You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.”

    u guys rocks!!

  2. We need that kind of motivated people :)

  3. "Ye watan tumhara hai, Tum ho pasbaan is ke!!"

  4. Is watan ki matti main .. Khooon hai shaheedoon ka.. Dekhna bhulana maat...