Sunday, August 15, 2010

Karachi: Helping a group of 100 displaced people

jacobabad-thul Around 50 people from a group of 100 people who were displaced from village between Jacobabad and Thul due to flood have reached Allah Rakhio village, Super Highway, Karachi on yesterday evening. Rest of the 50 people are still stuck in the area because of extremely high transportation rates. Truck owners who were charging around 25,000 for the route are now demanding 70,000+ for the same route in such an emergency situation. They sold the gold they had to raise an amount of 15,000 but they are still short of 55,000 rupees.
We went to Allah Rakhio village last night to evaluate their situation and assess their needs. They were travelling continuously from last 3 days, the first 2 days they keep changing their location from one area to the another, out of fear of flood between Jacobabad and Thul, and finally were successful  to negotiate with a truck owner and came to Karachi after travelling 24 hours.
20 – 25 adults, 20 – 25 children, 10 – 15 buffaloes all in a single truck and above that 24 hours non stop travelling, when they reach Allah Rakhio village, they were so tired and sleepless that they didn’t move an inch and slept on the bare ground. The locals of the Allah Rakhio village, although being extremely poor themselves, offered their own food and beds to the incoming guests. They also have made arrangements for their breakfast.
We inquired about their health and if there’s any patient with them, unfortunately, a little girl was not in a good condition and was drowsy. We left immediately to Godhra Muslim Medical Center & Charitable Hospital in New Karachi Sector 11-G where they admitted the girl. We paid the admission fee but when they knew that the she and her family are affected by recent floods, they told us that they are treating flood victims free of charge. We asked her father to stay with the girl and gave them the contact number in case he need any assistance.
Following is our initial assessment and work plan:
  • Empty plots are available for temporary arrangements, they need cabanas and tirpal to create a shelter for themselves. (Will arrange today)
  • Drinking water is available in the village, they need large drums/canisters to store water for usage. (Will arrange today)
  • Like other villagers they can cook their food on wood fire, they need wood. (Will arrange today)
  • They didn’t have clothes except the one they are wearing, they need clothes for men, women, children (3 years to 10 years) and infants. (Please donate new or used)
  • They need footwear as well. (Please donate new or used)
  • They need ration (Flour, Rice, Lentils, Spices, Oil, Sugar, Milk Powder, Tea, etc.). (Will arrange today)
  • They need beds (Will arrange today)
  • They need bed pillows/bed sheets/mats/rugs (Please donate new or used)
  • They need crockery and cooking utensils (Will arrange 3 large cooking pots and plates. Please donate new or used)


  1. MashaAllah. Great efforts Humayun and team. When people like you are around, there is not reason to be hopeless.

  2. ALLAH Jaza de aur aap hazrat ko aur himmat de.