Saturday, September 4, 2010

Karachi: Need assesment at Dil Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town)

2nd September 2010:
With a reference from a known IT guy we visited Dil Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town) to meet Mr. Ahmed and his family who have hosted people coming in from Goth Ghulam Muhammad Jamali, Tehsil Ghadakha & Tehsil Jafarabad Balochistan since past 15 days or so. There they claim to have hosted around ~130-150 people. While visiting there at the day time we saw lesser number of persons being physically present at the location than the claimed numbers. Upon asking about the rest of the people we were told that they went out in search of food towards their relatives, finding some work or even begging for food and clothes. They are kept in an empty plot surrounded by a boundary wall for which they will have to pay Rs. 1500 per month. They initially tried to get some place in the camps located nearby but authorities have refused them due to overload of occupancy. Random checking was done by asking for their NIC and asking for the people and talking to them.
Gender distribution wise there are around 35 men, 70 women and 60 children (including 8-10 infants). 4 of the women are pregnant. There was a girl who is disabled may be due to polio or something for which they were very concerned since she cannot go out with other kids to find food as well as there is an old women whom I believe is suffering from TB as she had problem in breathing properly and had some bleeding while cough. Also 3 days ago an elder man died due to illness in there.

Their immediate needs are: food/ration, cloth, bister (something to sleep on floor) and cooking & eating utensils/crockery. For water they use to get water from neighborhood and store it in a tank already built in the plot. Even if i consider the people being present there at the time of our visit the present items with them were short of their necessity.

Out team will be making list of people family wise with copies of NIC for record and authentication purpose when we visit again most probably on Friday or Saturday and see all of the claimed people gathered there for confirmation of head count before we commit or do any sort of help to them.

We will post updates on it once we are back from there.

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