Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thatta – Serving 450 families of Sujawal

Updates of 1st September 2010

We split ourselves in two teams, first team went straight to Sujawal to give ration tokens to 450 families so we can distribute packages peacefully. Our second team went to near by market to purchase 450 packages of ration, where each package contains following items:

  1. Flour 10kg
  2. Sugar 1.5kg
  3. Daal Chana 1.5kg
  4. Cooking Oil 1.5kg
  5. Tea 200gm
  6. Salt 1 Pack
  7. Match Box 1 Pack

When we were loading and transporting these packages into trucks we got information from our team in Sujawal that a considerable number of families have gone and there are now remaining 255 families. We decided to use rest of the packages elsewhere and move towards Sujawal. But, unfortunately our truck stuck in the middle of the way and then came a dust storm, we tried hard to save the ration loaded in the truck and on a suggestion from Army people we moved all packages to nearby Thatta circuit. We decided to transport these packages to Sujawal next day insha’Allah and called it a day.

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