Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thatta – Serving 18 Families near Gujjo

Updates of 29th August 2010

While we were searching the area surrounding Makli and Thatta today, we identified some concentration on a mountain 2 – 3 km off highway after Gujjo. We went there and start assessment of the area. There were total 18 families and they came from Jati, Sindh. They were un served up till now and need ration on urgent basis. We went ASAP to near by market to arrange ration for these families on urgent basis. We arranged 18 packages each of them containing following items:

  1. Flour 20kg
  2. Daal Chana 1kg
  3. Ghee 1kg
  4. Sugar 1kg
  5. Tea 100gm
  6. Matchsticks 1 Pack
  7. Salt 1 Pack

After purchasing, we loaded and transport these packages to the identified area and distribute them to those families.

Image0518 Image0524 Image0528 Image0529 Image0538 Image0540 Image0541 Image0542 Image0545 Image0549 Image0589 Image0593 Image0594 Image0619 Image0621 Image0623 Image0624 Image0625

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