Thursday, September 23, 2010

Karachi: Serving Details for 250 Families(~1300 Persons) at Manghopir

14th September, 2010

We placed our order on 13th of September, at a ration wholesaler shop situated around UP more area but the guy asked us to pick it up by 14th morning so that he can provide us the ration in 250 packages. As we were in a definite need of the separate ration packages so we agreed and the same guy arranged transportation for us as well to transport the packages to Manghopir area.

We reached  the place at around 4:PM, we spotted out a distribution spot where the representatives of these 250 families were present, the distribution took around 3 hours, we handed over the following ration package to each of 250 families:

§  Flour 10 KG – 250 Bags

§  Daal Chanaa 1 KG – 250 Bags

§  Ghee 1KG – 250 Bags

§  Rice 2.5 KG – 250 Bags

We are really thankful to our volunteers who assisted for the completion of this case, they remain on their toes from the assessment phase till the distribution phase. They asked us that they have also collected cash to help out the flood effected persons and they wanted to have a financial contribution for this case along with their physical contribution. We respected there gesture so for this case around 21% of the total amount spent was the one that was their collection.

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