Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Karachi – Serving Phase 2 of Umer Goth

Updates of 3rd September 2010

Through one of our local source in Umer Goth, we get information that the ration we distributed to 44 families earlier is about to end. So we plan another phase of distribution in that area. We immediately arranged 44 packages of ration, where each package contains following items:

  1. Flour 20kg
  2. Daal Chana 1.5kg
  3. Salt 1 Pack
  4. Tea 200gm
  5. Cooking Oil 1kg
  6. Sugar 1.5kg
  7. Match Box 1 Pack

We load these packages on to a suzuki and went straight to Umer Goth for distribution of these packages.

Image0652 Image0653 Image0654 Image0655

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