Friday, September 24, 2010

Karachi: 2nd serving at Dil Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town)

16th September, 2010

To serve Dil Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town) second time, we purchased ration supplies from a nearby whole seller in Malir. The cost for the ration supplies was again paid by the same IT guy who referred us to this place as he wanted to serve here himself.

Our volunteer reached the shop at around Maghrib. He purchased the items, lodged them on the suzuki and handed over to the person incharge of the camp who is taking care of the people over there with his family members. We handed over the following ration package there:
  • Flour: 200 Kg
  • Rice: 100 Kg
  • Daal Chana: 10 Kg
  • Daal Masoor: 15 Kg
  • Cooking Oil: 25 Kg
  • Sugar: 25 Kg
  • Salt: 5 Packes
  • Tea: 2.5 Kg
  • Powdered Milk: 5 Kg
  • Red Chilly Powder: 1 Kg

We are very thankful to our volunteer who helped us delivering the ration supplied to the required place in appropriate manner.

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