Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karachi: Serving Details at Dil Muhammad Goth (Gadap Town)

2nd September 2010:

As referred in the related earlier posting, after confirming a list of 24 families comprising of ~150 people, we served the place after Iftar. We were able to do the purchasing from the nearby Malir market and the items were immediately transported to the destination. Here are the details of the supplies that were provided there:
Ration Supplies:
200 Kg Flour
100 Kg Rice
10 Kg Daal Chana
15 Kg Daal Masoor
25 Kg Ghhee
10 Kg Onions
25 Kg Sugar
5 Packs Salt
2.5 Kg Tea
5 Kg Powdered Milk
1Kg Red Chilly
20 Packs Match Box
Note: The cost for the ration supplies was paid by the same IT guy who referred us to this place, we tried to convince him to let us pay for this but his point was that he wanted to serve here himself but dont want to let the people know about it
Utensils Supplies:
3 Cooking Pots (Degchi) 2 Big 1 Medium
6 Tray (Thal) 2 sizes
24 Plastic Plates
3 Cooking Spoons
2 Jug
2 Knife
24 Plastic Glass
1 Chhalni
1 Set Chakla Belan
2 Roti Tawa
As they belong to the same village and had relationships with each other so we provided the number of utensils that may help them out in cooking their food in a combined manner

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