Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Karachi: Need assessment at Manghopir

11th September, 2010 (Eid 1st day)

Eid Mubarak

As referred in the earlier relevant post, a team of our volunteers visited the Manghopir area for the need assessment of the IDPs that were reported to be present there. On Eid evening they visited the place and were able to meet the local contact of ours to have a discussion about the number of persons present there, their previous area from where they got displaced and the issues that they were facing.

They found out that the IDPs that are present there mostly belongs from Meharr and Khairpur Nathan Shah areas of Sind. They were referred to be scattered at various places in the Manghopir area including multiple surrounding Gothhs. Our local contact was asked to make a proper list of the people there in a family wise manner so that we may have a verification phase.

Now we would be waiting for the confirmation of the list availability so to start the verification phase there as per our defined protocol

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