Saturday, September 4, 2010

Karachi: Need assessment at Khokarapar camp

1st September 2010:
By having information from an authentic source, on 1st September i.e. on Wednesday we went to Khokarapar - an interior area of Malir to meet Mr. Yaqoob who has hosted a few families with the help of his brothers. These people are from their home village Choth Jamali > Shah Bandar > Qadrino > Balti Village, please forgive me if the names are not pronounced correctly. There are 45 Women, 13 Kids, 8 Men in there. All are from respected Syed family of their area. Number of men is lesser since some of them stayed back at their hometown to look after the ruins of their property after the flood while some of them went back after leaving their family members at Karachi.
Main needs are food supplied (ration) since the person hosting is getting into financial problems after supporting the guests for over 15 days. The rest of the needed items like cooking utensils, crockery, floor beds and cloth are already provided by Mr.Yaqoob's family. Men are kept at Yaqoob's home with kids while the women are at his brother's home which is in the same vicinity.
Mr. Yaqoob works in a local textile mill and earns just over 8K a month so we can understand that he will be needing helping hand. Local NGOs and social workers had offered them to provide shelter and food ONLY if they agree to reside at local camp formed at madarsa or school. But they refused as they follow strict parda not willing to live at a mixed kind of camp and belong to a respected Syed family of their area, they wanted to move somewhere else instead of staying at the camp so they refused to enroll themselves with their pics etc. Also what information we have acquired from the same locality is that the camps are already overloaded also food and other facilities are now going bad in terms of timing, quality and quantity.

They have received another family of around ~35 people who are now placed at the house of another relative. The needs of these newly arrived people are not known right now but we have asked Mr. Yaqoob and his brother (Mr. Usman Ghani) that we need to find out about them as well. Since they follow strict parda and not even elder kids are allowed in the woman's area therefore we will be taking a lady volunteer with us time to visit the women area and verify a few things.

We will post the proceedings after visiting them once more at the weekend.

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