Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thatta – Finally Distributing Ration Packages to 255 Families of Sujawal

Updates of 2nd September 2010

We went straight to Army’s Circuit House in Thatta and load all packages in a new truck and transport them to Sujawal and finally distribute it to 255 families there.

Image0598 Image0599 Image0600 Image0601 Image0602 Image0603 Image0604 Image0605 Image0606 Image0607 Image0608 Image0609 Image0611 Image0613 Image0614 Image0615 Image0635 Image0636 Image0637 Image0638 Image0639 Image0640 Image0641 Image0642 Image0644 Image0646 Image0647 Image0648 Image0649

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